Toxic Free Mold Removal & Coronavirus Treatment

Mold Buster's dry fog mold remediation is guaranteed to get rid of mold and viruses.  EPA Approved to Kill Covid-19 (N-List).

Mold Busters Tulsa Oklahoma;
Mold Busters Tulsa Oklahoma; Leading Mold Experts that kill and remove mold

Guaranteed Mold Removal - Proven More Than 10,000 Times

Dry Fog Gets Rid of Mold Inside Your Walls


At last, a mold killing solution that is both effective and won't break the bank.  We like to point to studies that provide a strong case for the efficacy of what we do.  However, we feel like 10,000 satisfied customers, who can speak to the improved health of their families is much more meaningful.


Lethal to Micro-organisms. Mold Busters is for customers who don't want to take the chance of missing any dangerous mold growth.  We can fog a specific targeted area, but we are unique in that our patented approach allows us to perform a comprehensive and complete cleanse of your entire home, penetrating walls, and studs, wood furniture, and fabrics.  Infiltrating your HVAC and into your insulation and throughout your attic.  For several hours we pump our two-part solution into your home filling all the nooks and crannies that liquids and cleaners are never able to reach.  To put this perspective, 10 to 15 minutes is all it takes to denature and kill the majority of all mold growth. But we create hours of dwell time or "kill time."  This creates an environment that is lethal for not just black mold and other dangerous fungi.  It also kills viruses and bacteria.  Effectively restoring your home's health to its original state when it was first built.


Fresh Air, Indoors. Our solution is non-toxic and non-caustic.  While our product is known to provide on-going kill (per the report from the Army Corp of Engineers - See below), the solution leaves no visible or sticky residue. All of your belongings can safely, and without any damage, receive the benefit of a full cleanse. For some, this will mean the total elimination of any cigarette smoke or wood burning fire smoke.  It also eliminates all other foul odors. That musty mildew smell, and any other smells caused by both benign and dangerous molds. Within just a couple hours after we complete the job, the fog has dissipated and you are able to re-enter your home or business. When you enter, all that you are left with in the end is the smell of a clean new home and fresh air.


Save Yourself A LOT of time. No demolition of walls or ceilings may be necessary.  Our competition is at a disadvantage, as they may prescribe the demolition and rebuild of portions of your home when absolutely none is necessary. We have the advantage of our patented dry fog process that allows us to minimize, and most often completely eliminate any need to break your walls, tear out your rugs and carpet, or remove insulation and other surfaces infected with mold.  This can save days worth of labor. Replacing parts of your home and hiring one to three workers for a week is going to cost you more time and money than one technician from Mold Busters spending four to seven hours at your home.  If eliminating mold felt daunting, or impossible; it doesn't have to anymore!


90-Day Protection | Satisfaction Guaranteed. The EPA has approved claims of 90-day protection. After we fog your home a protective barrier is used to prevent the return of mold and infectious organisms. The biostatic coating is safe to people and pets but creates an environment that is inhospitable to mold spores on hard and soft surfaces.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the result of the mold mitigation work done on your behalf, we will come back and re-fog your home, at no additional charge.  You hired us to get the job done, and while it is very rare that we have to return, we will do everything necessary to make sure we complete what we promised we would.


Want to learn what this would cost for your home in Jenks, Oklahoma? Or how long it would take to restore indoor air quality at your place of business in Catoosa, Oklalhoma?  Wherever you are located,  Tulsa or Broken Arrow.  Click on the "Schedule an Appointment" button in the menu above to view availability on our calendar. Or fill out the form below if you want an email, or simply send a text, or call us at 912.212.8444


Get Started with a Professional Mold Inspection - No Cost to You

The first step to getting rid of mold at your location is to invite over one of our experts, who will take the time to walk through your home or business and discuss with you the very best plan for mold remediation that will maximize efficacy while minimizing cost.  Fill out this form or give us a call.  No-obligation.

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    Mold Busters Tulsa Okalahoma; ; Demolition Free Mold Remediation;

    Eliminate Construction Dust

    Instead of demolition and quarantining a portion of your space. Instead of contractors in and out of your home for a week. Save yourself the hassle with Mold Busters USA - Tulsa.

    Mold Busters Tulsa Okalahoma; Low Cost Mold Removal;

    Save Yourself Money

    The most effective solution on the market is typically the most expensive.  That may be generally true, but with our patented dry fog process, this is no longer the case.

    Mold Busters Tulsa Okalahoma; Eliminate mold fast; get rid of mold in 4 hours not the 5 day nationwide average;

    Get the Job Done Fast

    An entire job can take place while you are at work.  Or while your employees are at home.  We believe we are the most convenient and fastest mold removal solution available anywhere!


    We cover a lot of area in northeast Oklahaoma. However, we are conveniently "located" only as far away as an invitation to your business in Tulsa, home in Owasso, OK, and school or other location in Sagulpa. We are based in Broken Arrow and travel up and down Highway 51 between Broken Arrow and Tulsa on a daily basis. We service  Sand Springs, Oklahoma as well as Prattville and all adjacent communities along the way.  We travel interstate 44 , route 66 and interstate 244 servicing customers in Fair Oaks ad Gregory as well as customers in Catoosa, Inola and other surrounding cities.


    Initial mold inspections and estimates are free for clients' homes and businesses. If mold is not visible, but you are feeling the effects of hidden mold... part of the mold mitigation prescription could include an air test to see what the current baseline air quality is.   It is certainly possible that with enough water damage you may need full water damage restoration.  Which could include demolition. However, with our approach, we will always look for ways to eliminate any unnecessary demolition and construction.


    Our location will service any business or home statewide.  And as we expand, it will be easier to reach you. However, if you are outside the Interstate 44 corridor, still reach out to us by phone or by filling out a form on this page.  To skip all the back and forth, we suggest you schedule an appointment on our calendar.  In either event, we may be able to make the drive.  If you chance upon this web page and live outside of Oklahoma, we recommend you visit our corporate website to find a location that provides the best mold removal services and specialists near you.


    Mold Removal Testimonials

    Quickly set appointment for estimate, and showed up on time. Reasonable prices, and completed job as promised. Courteous service.

    Linda G.

    Their product works and it gets rid of odors and bacteria in addition to the mold.

    Daniel H.

    MoldBusters was responsive l to my request for a quote and quick to make the work happen before my house went up for sale. Their thoroughness gave me confidence in sharing my house with the world. Great job gentlemen.

    David W.


    How Many Homes Have Mold?

    27% of homes currently have some form of mold growth.  But what about throughout the life of a home?  Reality is, roofs wear out, windows wear out. and basement walls get cracks.  Getting mold growth in an attic, crawl space or behind walls is not a matter of if, but when.  a broken pipe, or flooding or purchase of a home that has sat vacant for more than 6 months with no AC?  Thes scenarios would result in a clear recommendation to fog your home.  However, generally we recommend fogging your home at least every 10 years, in order to "reset" the health and indoor air quality of your home.  We believe the lower healthcare bills will thank you for it.

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